Monument Valley

Whoa, this snuck up on me! Been busy as hell and the months fly by, so there you go. Next weekend Heather and I take the road trip out to Monument Valley, but I had no plans set at all when I woke up this morning. We’re taking the van, so all we need is a place to camp, just to park really. The trip being over Labor Day weekend, making reservations this morning was cutting it close, but it worked out. We’ve got a campsite–with view of the buttes.

Totem Pole, Monument Valley.

Totem Pole, Monument Valley.

Though I put the trip into the calendar months back, I’ve only begun looking into it this morning. The map makes it out to be a 11-12 hour drive from San Diego through Yuma, Phoenix and Flagstaff and on up to the Arizona/Utah border. I see it’s close to the Four Corners. This is the land of the Navajo Nation, the Kayenta region. It’s been in a million films, spaghetti westerns, Back to the Future III, even in the psychedelic part of 2001.

Being focused on software this year–and skipping Burning Man and a planned two-week trip in August, not coincidentally–makes this trip especially appealing. Neither of us have stayed in Monument Valley before and the images I’ve found of it are gorgeous. Getting out on the open road, windows open and music blasting, out into incredible natural beauty with my girl… yeah! I’ll throw the camera and the bikes into the van too, Hiking will give some awesome opportunities for photography and there’s mountain biking, that has to be great. Just a few more days.

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