HelixWind (OTCBB:CVAC) is a green startup founded in 2006 by my friend Ken Morgan. They make a Savonius-type vertical-axis wind turbine that comes in 2kw and 5kw versions. It’s small and inexpensive, intended for the microwind market (residential end users, commercial facilities, property developers, etc.). It’s a very cool piece of green tech. Not to mention, gorgeous.

HelixWind Promo Video
This video clip shows a prototype of the turbine in action while Ken describes how it works and what value it provides.

HelixWind at Burning Man
The first two HelixWind prototype turbines made their debut at Burning Man 2007, prominently displayed near the man. Their performance was excellent, particularly during one of the intense dust storms.


The HelixWind 2kw turbines on the playa.

5 thoughts on “HelixWind

  1. Looks fantastic. Stubby mast great. We have a very turbulent valley site on the axis of the prevailing wind. I would mount it on an old 4WD chassis and move it around until we found the best position. How does efficiency compare with HAWT? Are the scoops, aka wings, made from built-up sections as in the wind tunnel video or are they pressed sheet metal components? Presume it is powder coated? How about forest green? I look forward to having a commercial reply . Adam

  2. Hi Jason,

    Only just found your site and very impressed with the design and aesthetics of the Helix Savonius rotor.

    One simple question – is it not possible to mount the rotor horizontally between two pedestal bearings. This would alleviate the bending moment on the vertical shaft but would the rotor still be as efficient?

  3. @smartee
    That’s a great question and I can’t answer it from experience. But I understand that vertical turbines are more useful for rugged applications, unpredictable wind, bad weather, etc. So efficiency is a factor but sometimes a donkey that eats mountain scrub is better than a thoroughbred that requires a special diet.

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